Hand crafted from solid, premium grade, Western Red and Eastern White Cedar woods, custom sized to each order, and rubbed with an oil finish. My paddles are greatly influenced by the West Greenland styled qajaq paddles, a design that has been tried and tested by Inuit hunters for the last 500 years.


  • Symmetrical power face blades
  • Large surface area distribution
  • Dihedral tapering eliminates paddle flutter.
  • Defined blade edges for catchy, powerful strokes and rolls.
  • Epoxy coated blade tips

Full Length $250

Full Length Paddle Outline

82" (208cm) - 95" (241cm)

24 oz - 32 oz

Ergonomic with high performance in a wide variety of paddling styles and conditions. All while providing less strain on the shoulders, arms, core. Strong, flexible, and lightweight properties make these paddles great for touring, surf, expeditions, and rolling.

Spare/Storm $180

Storm Paddle Outline

Readiness and reliability for when you need it most. Short, stout and light weight for a powerful, wind resistant stoke during storm conditions. Safe and low profile stow without risk of protruding from the deck of most sea kayaks.


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