The easiest way to make a Greenland paddle specifically for your unique paddling style. Convenient and affordable, these blanks make for a fantastic canvas for both novice and experienced paddle makers alike. Pre sized, cut, and tapered blanks leave only the shaping and finishing; allowing you to quickly carve a paddle without power tools. Blanks are made to custom order from premium grade, Western Red Cedar.


Full Length Blank

Ergonomic with high performance in a wide variety of paddling styles and conditions. All while providing less strain on the shoulders, arms, core. Strong, flexible, and lightweight properties make these paddles great for touring, surf, expeditions, and rolling.


Storm/Spare Blank

Readiness and reliability when you need it. Short, stout and light weight for a powerful, wind resistant stoke during storm conditions. Safe and low profile stow without risk of protruding from the deck of most sea kayaks.