Benjamin Fontenot Greenland Paddles

Greenland Paddle Project Blanks

Place an order for high grade Western Red Cedar Wood board that’s been cut to shape and ready to start carving.

Greenland Paddle Project Blanks | $199

Standard Features |

  • Premium Grade Lumber

  • Rough Shaped

  • Tapered Blades

Three Sizes |

Small | 84” (213cm)with a 19” (48cm) Loom

Medium | 87” (201cm) with a 21” (53cm) Loom

Large | 90” (228cm) with a 23” (58cm) Loom

Greenland Paddle Project Blank
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Western Red Cedar Board

Want to start from a blank canvas? Here’s the answer to every experienced paddle maker’s dream.

8’x2”x4”, kiln dried, premium grade Western Red Cedar

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