Benjamin Fontenot Greenland Paddles



2019 Full Day Workshop Dates

Friday, March 22st | Lake Placid, Florida | TRAQS Traditional Qajaqers of the South | FULL

Host a workshop for your club, outfitter, or event!

Learn the step by step processes of building a traditional paddle; from sourcing and selecting quality lumber to carving and finishing. Each student leaves with a completed paddle, along with the knowledge and experience to make more. Workshops are 8 hours long with an hour long lunch break. Class sizes are small to offer one on one instruction and guidance, tailored for your specific needs and paddle. No paddling or woodworking experience required. All materials and tools are included, bring a big lunch and water.



New to woodworking? No worries. Each student is provided with all the tools and materials needed to make a paddle.

My work benches make securing paddle blanks for carving safe and easy. Padded with closed cell foam and routed blade recesses to allow for holding paddles at any angle for detail work


Block Plain,   Rasp,  Shaping File,   Finish file, Pull Saw, Chisel

Sanding block, Power sander,   Sand paper,   Dust mask,   Gloves

Pencil,   Square,   Tape measure,   Straight edge,   Clamps

Boiled Linseed oil,  Brush, Cup  

Have your own tools? feel free to bring them. Make sure they’re sharp!